Jaba has a rich quality of being professional while at the same time reassuring and understanding towards my needs and expectations. I felt comfortable and safe from the moment our sessions started. Without any suggestions or leading questions, I found answers in my own quest with the help of well-chosen and carefully placed questioning. Jaba invests in her clients during sessions as well as following up after sessions. I got a wonderful sense of wellbeing feeling empowered after each session.

Michele Rossouw, Owner, You Turn Powerfully 

Gauteng, South Africa

Jaba led me to take some good decisions by asking the right questions. Through her empathetic listening and non-judgemental environment that she provided, I was able to reflect on my own inner challenges and move forward towards my professional goals.

Reena Goenka, Entrepreneur


I highly recommend Jaba as a coach. Not only is she open and compassionate, she’s also results focussed. Aa an outcome of my online coaching with her I’ve been able to stick to my health goals – I make wiser food choices and I move more. She helped me to realise just how my inner critic was sabotaging my progress.  Jaba also helped me focus on small and manageable changes that are sustainable. The next time I feel stuck or lack faith in my own ability to achieve something difficult, I’ll definitely be giving Jaba a call.

Tracy Marais

Johannesburg, South Africa 

If there were one quality that I’d be limited to elucidating per person, for Jaba it’d be evolution.

You see a whole lot of individuals who’ve reached the higher echelons of corporate being, plagued by the excess of conviction in their beliefs. A “So if it’s got me here, I don’t believe it could have any faults in it,” attitude to their attitudes. What often goes unnoticed is the liberal sprinkling of being dealt good hands of chance. What suffers then is observation, acceptance, learning, and thus evolution of thought.

With Jaba, you have that rare leader who has not rested on “what is,” but has grown on the basis of “what could be”.

To teach how to dance is terribly hard if you don’t dance yourself. However, that clearly isn’t the case here.

Aditya Sharma, Former team member, Centum Learning

New Delhi, India

Jaba has been a true mentor to me, both personally and professionally. I had the privilege to work in the marketing team she was leading at Centum Learning Ltd. I have always idolized Jaba for her buoyant spirit, professional wisdom and kindness towards everyone. She is fearlessly enterprising and her sheer resilience and positive outlook in everything she pursues is contagious. It is remarkable how she patiently and selflessly invests her time in nurturing the skills of her team members.

Shivani Langeh, Regional Marketing Expert, GMO GlobalSign

New Delhi, India

I have had the opportunity to work with Jaba for 11 years. Through these years I have seen Jaba as a leader who leads from the front and as a successful risk-taker. She is a diligent professional with 100% integrity and down to earth, which is rare. I have learnt a lot from her and and always admire her clarity of thought and her passion for moving forward under any circumstances. Even today, I can rely on her for her any personal and professional matter, since I have always found her caring, honest and straight-forward and very focused on meeting an objective.

Kapil Sethi, Entrepreneur 

New Delhi, India

Jaba brings together a rich mix of experience that pans across development and corporate sectors. Her career trajectory exemplifies how perspectives on development and private sector approaches can inform each other for  strengthened results.  Jaba has also  leveraged her  skills as a communication professional to bring together a vast set of stakeholders to a common thinking platform.

Geeta Sharma, Head, Communication for Development Group, UNICEF

Ghana, West Africa

Working under Jaba was like meeting new challenges and discovering yourself all over again. All assignments were totally left to us and we got help only when we asked for it. While we did not like it sometime but in the process, I learnt to handle complex issues successfully and independently. I realised the value of this leadership style instead of being spoon-fed much later in my career when I saw my colleagues finding it difficult to handle situations until each step was conveyed to them, while I had learnt to find solutions creatively on my own.  I also admire her for her grit to live life … I would perhaps think 10 times before joining a dance troupe and giving a stage performance with students almost half my age, while she dared to do so just for fun. She is one person whom I have always looked up to whenever I needed any advice in my life.

Rashmi Manek, Communications Professional

New Delhi, India