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Have you met your best self yet?

I will partner with you to discover your own spark and become most effective at work and in life.

I am a Certified John Mattone Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coach and a trusted professional with 30 years of experience in the corporate and development sector. I am also a Leadership Development Coach at global organisations like The Coaching Fellowship, which provides Coaching for women leaders and The Humanitarian Coaching Network, which supports development of humanitarian staff to accelerate organizational change.

While working with prestigious brands like the Bharti group, the Reliance ADA Group, OneWorld International, Ogilvy, The Times of India group, I have always been passionate about fostering capable people, who are at the heart of each successful brand.

A strong proponent of the Humanistic Management approach, I believe in the dignity and winning potential of every individual. Furthermore, my own personal and spiritual journey has convinced me that there is no greater resource than your own spirit to stay happy and successful, no matter where you stand in your journey of life. And leveraging your unique gifts fully, you can contribute your best self  to your family, organisation and the larger world that you are a part of.

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If there were one quality that I’d be limited to elucidating per person, for Jaba it’d be evolution.

You see a whole lot of individuals who’ve reached the higher echelons of corporate being, plagued by the excess of conviction in their beliefs. A “So if it’s got me here, I don’t believe it could have any faults in it,” attitude to their attitudes. What often goes unnoticed is the liberal sprinkling of being dealt good hands of chance. What suffers then is observation, acceptance, learning, and thus evolution of thought.

With Jaba, you have that rare leader who has not rested on “what is,” but has grown on the basis of “what could be”.

To teach how to dance is terribly hard if you don’t dance yourself. However, that clearly isn’t the case here.

Aditya Sharma, Former team member, Centum Learning

New Delhi, India

Jaba has a rich quality of being professional while at the same time reassuring and understanding towards my needs and expectations. I felt comfortable and safe from the moment our sessions started. Without any suggestions or leading questions, I found answers in my own quest with the help of well-chosen and carefully placed questioning. Jaba invests in her clients during sessions as well as following up after sessions. I got a wonderful sense of wellbeing feeling empowered after each session.

Michele Rossouw, Owner, You Turn Powerfully 

Gauteng, South Africa

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