New Delhi, India

If there were one quality that I’d be limited to elucidating per person, for Jaba it’d be evolution.

You see a whole lot of individuals who’ve reached the higher echelons of corporate being, plagued by the excess of conviction in their beliefs. A “So if it’s got me here, I don’t believe it could have any faults in it,” attitude to their attitudes. What often goes unnoticed is the liberal sprinkling of being dealt good hands of chance. What suffers then is observation, acceptance, learning, and thus evolution of thought.

With Jaba, you have that rare leader who has not rested on “what is,” but has grown on the basis of “what could be”.

To teach how to dance is terribly hard if you don’t dance yourself. However, that clearly isn’t the case here.

Aditya Sharma, Former team member, Centum Learning