Executive Coaching 

Is your team resilient enough to be effective in tough and uncertain times?

Does your team demonstrate risk-taking capability for the next phase of growth?

Are you struggling to cultivate the right leaders for your organization?

Is your team managing mergers/ shake-out in teams well enough to drive revenue growth?

Are you getting a desired ROI from executing training programmes alone?

I am sure your answer to all questions would be “somewhat yes”. How about being able to respond with “almost yes”?

I leverage my vast experience of marketing, business and leadership challenges in executive coaching and use globally validated frameworks, drawn primarily from John Mattone University, to achieve business objectives. I believe that deep personal transformation aligned with personal values and aspirations result in sustainable transformation of businesses.

My Executive Coaching approach blends in Transaction Analysis & Intelligent Leadership (IL) concepts, insights from my professional experience of building brands, leading businesses and my spiritual practice.

My Executive Coaching Process comprises 4Cs – Contracting, Conducting in-depth Diagnostic sessions, Creating personalised development plan to unlock leadership potential and Calibrating Leadership ROI.